Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Weekend

This weekend the BigG Tribe was going in a lot of different directions. On Friday night, John took Gabe and Seth up to the annual Boy Scout winter campout known as The Klondike. Jackson and Jebb spent the night with Grandma, which left Elise and I to fend for ourselves. I think we did alright as we managed to get pedicures and eat fajitas together at our favorite Mexican resturant.

Saturday morning, John had returned and we got Elise to a Destination Imagination workshop in the morning. While I have traditionally been a hater of DI, I think Elise will have a good experience this year with her new school and new team-or at least I am telling myself that. ;)

With the three big kids gone, and J&J still at Grandma's our house was eerily quiet. I have been super sentimental lately about he little guys. I love having lots of kids and I really love having little ones. They are noisy especially in the morning, but I love their little footsteps. I love that they do everything with gusto and enthusiasm. When they returned mid-morning from Grandma's, they burst in the door with a hearty "We're HOME!!"

Earlier in the week I was sick in bed and J&J got out of the shower and brought me the camera so I could take their picture. Here they are.

They were laughing together the whole time. They are best friends and I hope they remember that as they grow older. I tell Gabe and Seth all the time that they used to be just like J&J when they were young, as they have had a tough time getting along lately.

They did antler's behind each other, only Jebb wasn't quite tall enough for it to work on Jackson.

So ya, loving this age and loving that these two have each other. Moving on.

In the afternoon we took Jackson to his first Rec-league basketball game. I think he enjoyed it although just like my other boys at this age, he seemed a bit distracted. He was pretty attentive the first half, but had a tough time remaining engaged as the game wore on. At this age, the coach is actually out on the floor with them helping them remember the rules. I will have to remember to thank his coach profusely as it seemed exhausting herding all of those 1st and 2nd graders up and down the court. Jackson gets in inbound pass and turns to take the ball down
John tries some friendly encouragement and I curse my camera
Jackson's twin from our ward was on the opposite team.

Tonight we went to a surprise party for our friend Toni. Her husband put it together and while she seemed pleasantly surprised I couldn't help but think that I would really, really NOT want my husband to do that for my birthday. Especially my next one, when I turn 40 and he might be tempted to do something crazy. I prefer travel. Anywhere would be fine. Foreign would be especially nice.

Deep breathe and lots of showers and ironing, and we will be off to church in the morning. With each of us going in different directions, I am so grateful for church as it grounds us all for the week ahead!


meegz said...

Hey crazy busy lady -- check your facebook email and write me back:)

Lucy said...

I wish I could claim otherwise, but I am dreading when my Seth has to go on the Klondike. He just doesn't handle being cold well and I can't imagine that changing in a year and a half. Did your boys have fun?

I am liking Sundays more too, especially with the 9:00 schedule. I love hanging with the fam the rest of the afternoon.