Monday, January 3, 2011

My Monday Afternoon

I have been a stay-at-home-mom for a lot of years now. With all of my kiddos in school, my life has been weirdly different. I have to admit I have not had an easy time transitioning. I feel like I should be more (for lack of a better word) productive than I am. I am not even sure what I mean by this, but it seems like getting the house clean and the laundry done aren't enough.

It's really quite strange to be in his place because it took me a good 10 or 11 years to get to the point where I felt like getting the house clean and the laundry done were enough. I used to feel like I was terribly nonproductive because, lets be honest, as the mom of young kids, there were days when I could hardly manage a shower!! But I did grow into the idea that my role was to be at home taking care of things. And the things I spent my days doing weren't the kinds of things that are measured in productivity. And it was good for me. So it seems like now that I reached a place of contentment in my 'role', the 'role' has again shifted. And the idea of doing something more productive has again returned to visit.

I guess I could work on improving myself by learning Spanish or taking a music class. Or else I could create something like a quilt or invent something I could sell on an infomercial. Or I could volunteer more at either the school or some civic organization. Those would all be good things that I think I would enjoy. And maybe I will do some or all of those things in the future.

So what have I settled on now that I have more free time? Well, I have become more involved in Politics. I know, I know--whoopee. exciting. thrilling. Sometimes I am not sure myself why this is the case, but I have, and I think that I kinda like it for the most part. :).

This afternoon I sat for 3 hours with a committee of citizens that is reviewing language in a Future Land Use Plan proposal. It is tedious and frustrating, but I am actually enjoying it in a tediously frustrating kind of way. I am finding it very intellectually stimulating. There are lots of smart, expert type people on the committee so it is enjoyable hearing them discuss different ideas from their particular field of expertise. I like it too when I feel like I actually have something to say now and then. I applied to be added to the committee (I guess a few original folks droped out) and didn't really think I would be selected as a couple of dozen applied. I guess they were looking for varied viewpoints and I was the only stay-at-home gravel pit owner that dabbles in land development hoping for the spot. ;)

I am also still very involved in our local Tea Party-9/12 organization and that is likely the real reason I am now on the Land Use Plan committee. I am also becoming quite involved in our local Republican Party. I have had the opportunity to speak at a few functions and they have asked me to run for Secretary of the county's central committee (I think they must want to keep their eye on me). I do have to admit that I am really enjoying learning about the political processes that goes on. I have also been able to meet some nice people in the community that I would otherwise probably never cross paths with. I am quite astonished at all the boards and committees and groups that are around! I like to see people getting involved in things they care about, no matter what that is.

But I am still trying to figure out just how involved I should be. I still have my home and family as my #1, and I want to be sure that is always the clear priority. Lots of my meetings are like this one--in the afternoon or evening. I suppose striking the right balance in things is a lifelong pursuit more than just one scheduling solution. I hope I can manage it well as i continue to figure out the new 'normal' for this mom.


Kim Hannay said...

I am so glad you are representing our values where you live. You are so smart and you will be great on those committees! It is great to keep busy while the kids are in school. I am sure you will find a balance that helps your family and your community.

Lucy said... will I get some favors when you come into power because we're friends? Or is that the kind of thing you're working to clean up?:)