Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Day 2011

To honor the late Martin Luther King, we get a day off of school. After getting the house nice and clean (I am SUCH a drag!) the family kinda split up. Elise went to her friend Afton's house, the little guys stayed home with me (I am sick), and John took Gabe and Seth snowmobiling. Since I couldn't come, I sent along my friend the camera with strict instructions to take some shots!

It looks like they had a good time. Knowing how they ride, it is probably good the pictures 'don't do it justice!' I might be freaked out. :) I am glad everyone managed to have a little fun this weekend.


Kelly said...

Beautiful. Makes me homesick!

Cajsa said...

Oh...I'm so jealous. We grew up snowmobiling in the beatiful mountains of Colorado! So miss it.

Mimi said...

I just love the pix. I have no desire to be up there in the winter anymore...but it is SO beautiful and you did a really good job!