Monday, January 24, 2011

High School On the Horizon

Tonight we took Gabe to the high school orientation for next year's Freshman. Gabe is going to be in HIGH SCHOOL next year!!! I am a little freaked out. ;) Gabe is now taller than me and laughs at me and pats my head. Punk. Of course, he does this in a nice way, but I still think it is weird sometimes that I have a kid that old (until I look at my gray roots, then it is much more believable). I also must say that it is a good thing I am in Young Women's right now or we would have missed this night. A few of the YW were participating in it and mentioned it yesterday at church. I told them to text me the times for it since Gabe hadn't told me about it. By the way, while I still shun phones for the most part, I do enjoy texting now and then. ;)

Walking around the HS, I recalled my own HS days and how lost I always was! Why do I have no sense of direction--and that is not just something that came on in old age--I have never had it!! Luckily I don't have to navigate halls at DHS. It was fun to see Gabe chatting it up with his friends. I think he is a pretty good kid so far...! I think he will do just fine in HS. I still have several more months to get used to the idea that I have a kid that old!

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Kim Hannay said...

And so it begins! Take lots of vitamins.(Not Gabe, you!) ;)