Thursday, January 13, 2011

Four Down

This morning I took Jebb to the dentist to get some fillings. At our last cleaning appointment (which happened to be Jebb's first) we learned that he had...wait for it... TEN cavities!!! Yes, Ten! 10! Dies. 7+3. One more than 9 and 9 more than 1!!!

Having never gotten a filling, he was very excited especially since the dentist had promised 1 toy per filling. Yesterday he started asking more detailed questions. Jackson was in the room and tried to explain the gas. Jebb started bawling because he did not want to be 'knocked out.' John quickly explained that it is called 'laughing gas' and Jebb seemed to feel a little better. Jackson assured him the toys were really good.

So today, Jebb went in to have 4 of the 10 cavities filled. (There are 4 on each side between molars and 2 in the front teeth. We will not be filling the front teeth as they should fall out before it is an issue. Or, I guess they might just rot out of his head...)

He liked the glasses and clown nose that delivered the gas.

After it was all over he was a little groggy and puffy-cheeked. This is his smile with his new toys. You can see one side is numb.

Overall the dentist said he did really well which is great, because we have another appointment in 2 weeks for the 4 on the other side!


Mare said...

I feel your pain. I just took the boys in this month for a check-up and Liston had 8 cavities! I about died when I heard the number 8 :) We've got 4 filled and 4 to go!

Lucy said...

Oh no! Thank goodness for modern dentistry, eh?

Cajsa said...

WOW! Yeah my daughter had 7...and I thought she was brushing her teeth well.