Saturday, January 15, 2011

Elise Goes Skiing

Elise has been at a new school this year and while it has been a really great thing, it has been challenging on some days. Elise is a friendly person and has met several really great new friends. There is a good group of kids in her grade and there seems to be several really nice girls. Today she went skiing with her friend Jenna up at DMR. She was pretty nervous because she has only ever been skiing with our family or the Mann clan. She got picked up in the morning by Jenna's fam (Jenna is an only child so she was excited to have E come along) and I sent a camera with her. I asked her to take lots of pics so I could see what she did.

When she got home tonight, I looked at the camera and there was a picture of Jenna's dog. And that's it. So I am not going to post any pictures of a strange dog in the snow, but I will say that Elise had a great time. Apparently their family has a condo on the mountain which is next door to the condo of another girl in their 5th grade class. So the girls all had a great time. This was Elise's first time skiing this season and she said that she was pretty timid her first couple of runs before finally warming up. I am so glad she went even though she was nervous. I think it is good for her to work through those kinds of feelings. She is growing up really fast and I need to remember to enjoy our time together because I think it won't be long before she will want to be out on her own every weekend! :)

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