Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Braces Off!

Today Gabe got his braces off! Jebb and I took him there this afternoon (Jebb is home sorta sick). I warned Gabe that I planned on taking pictures, but that didn't make him any more excited about it! Going in...

They write the names of all the kids who are getting their braces off that day on the door! Yeah Gabe! He later told me he didn't notice it until we were leaving! :)

After taking off his braces, they took molds of his new smile. This took some time and Jebb was lacking patience. Luckily, the girl doing the molds was terrific and she had Jebb do a mold of his hand while he waited. He liked the green gloves too.

As we left the office, I made Gabe take one more picture with his new pearly whites. He kinda squinted in the sun, and you really can't see his teeth... darn it!

Luckily, John met us for lunch and I made Gabe be in one more shot! You can see here how nice his teeth look! He has had braces on since 5th grade apparently! Wow! I think he looks great and he says that his teeth feel slimy! :) Congratulations Gabe!


Kim Hannay said...

WOWZA Gabe! You look fabulous.

Mom's Thoughts said...

Fabulous! That smile will cause some hearts to flutter.

Mimi said...

so happy for you Gabe! I remember that day:).