Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let It Snow

It's no secret around my house that winter is not my favorite time of year. Short days. Cold weather. Snow.

We have been having a freakishly mild lead up to winter and I was wondering if we would just skip it all together this year. But alas, the snow has come. But really, I think I am OK with it, at least when the snow days are like this one. The 3 younger Mann kids spent the night last night and before the girls (Elise, Afton, and Karver) fell asleep, I could hear them plotting and planning a snow-metropolis in the back yard. They would have forts, trails, snowball stations, and a dozen other things their bright minds came up with before I shooed them to bed. Bright and early (before the sun was even up over the horizon) those girls were dressed and outside going to work. They dug and dragged and shoveled and rolled. And their snow forts under the trampolines are looking pretty good, as are the piles of snowballs to defend against any bold boy that gets too close.

It is really fun seeing these kiddos being so creative and working all day like busy bees! The boys (Jackson, Jebb, and Kooper) were out in it too. They took a few more hot chocolate and wii breaks, but for the most part, they have all been out there digging away. I love it when the kids are outside creating and playing and wearing themselves out!! I certainly can appreciate the beauty of the white stuff too. I guess if I just keep looking, I might learn to like winter one of these years!

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