Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Boxing Day 2010

I served a mission in Canada where there is a holiday on December 26th known as Boxing Day. I would ask all of the Canadians what the holiday was for, but never really got a straight answer. Something about boxes. Or cleaning up after Christmas. Or helping the poor. Or a Bank Holiday. This year I looked it up on wikipedia. Here's the Boxing Day Link. It seems wikipedia isn't quite sure what it means either.

I wanted my kids to know that there IS a Boxing Day (since I heart Canada and all) so I gave them all a little gift today before church. They are little angel ornaments that ring like a little bell. Ahhh. Cute, I know! It was pretty funny hearing me try to explain Boxing Day to the kids, so next year I'm planning to make up something really good. We all hung the ornaments on the trees in the music room before heading out the door. And I loved thinking about Canada for a while as we drove into town.

Happy Boxing Day!

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