Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day Tripping

Sometimes I get a hankerin' to travel. I just feel the need to go! ! I think if I didn't have lots of responsibilities, I would be a certified gypsy.

But that is usually not the reality of my life. I have lots of wonderful responsibilities that keep me close to home.

Yet the gypsy in me patiently waits for a good reason to roam. And I have to say that one really great reason came up recently! My dear high school friend Lisa in AZ and she is turning 40 next week. I asked another HS friend of ours, Dabrielle, to keep me in the loop on any fun plans. A breakfast was to be held in Lisa's honor and I decided that I wanted to attend and help her celebrate.

So last night I drove to the airport and hopped on a plane. It is a huge shift from going from mom-of-five to traveling-solo-lady. As I sat on the airplane, I talked to my fellow passengers and even listened to the very funny flight attendant. In AZ, I picked up my rental Dodge Charger and drove to Dabrielle's house (thank you Garmin GPS). It was really great catching up with her and she was a terrific host that graciously let me crash at her home (thanks Dabe Babe!)

This morning we made our way to the birthday breakfast where a roomful of ladies surprised Lisa. It was really fun to meet her kind friends and chat it up for the morning. We stayed almost until lunch! Dabrielle had to go to work and I went and hung out with Lisa for a few hours. I loved catching up with Lisa and seeing her cute kiddos.

And then it was time to go!! Very short visit, but I loved every sandal wearing minute of it (I only brought sandals thinking it would be balmy instead of the cool, rainy weather AZ was having)!! After dropping off my rental car and getting to the terminal, they announced that once in flight, our plane could be rerouted to Grand Junction if the weather in Durango was bad.

That little announcement was all it took for me to realize just how much the gypsy in me had been satisfied. I was now ready to go home! :) Luckily, the weather held for us and I enjoyed my flight home sitting next to a Grandma going to visit her family in Mancos. While it is wonderful to get out and go, it's always fun to return to the glorious ties that hold me home!

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Cajsa said...

How fun. I would also be a gypsy...I love to travel. How fun it must have been to get together with Lisa and Dabrielle. Man I haven't seen either of those faces in FOREVER! Nezhone will be moving to Montrose in the next couple years and when she does we'll have to come and visit. That's as much wandering as we do lately!