Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

Our Christmas morning came with the rising of the sun. Grandma Kristine got after all of us and said she couldn't believe how late everyone slept in as she was apparently waiting by the tree for quite sometime for us to stir. But I, for one, was glad! Everyone was in a great mood as we turned up the Christmas music and started in on the gifts. The kids opened the gifts that they got for one another. It was so fun to see them get excited and thank the sibling the gift was from.

I felt this year that Gabe and Seth were really difficult to shop for, and it appears I am not the only one that had a tough time coming up with creative gifts for them. They both received, from every one of their siblings, Axe Body Spray. I thought it quite funny that each of them shopping separately picked out the same thing. The $7 limit this year was certainly a factor. There was a Reese's candy wrapped with one bottle, and a pack of gum wrapped with another, so I guess there was a little flare of creativity in their gifts. They are going to smell really good! :)

We had a pretty practical Christmas this year. I didn't realize just how practical until I heard Jebb mutter to himself, "More Jeans?!" as he ripped back some paper. But I think everyone was pretty content as I had prepared them for the fact that none of them was receiving an iphone (which is what all 5 of them asked for!) Jebb got a pillow pet, Jackson a Ben 10 watch, and Elise got some good wii games. Gabe and Seth were even happy with the gloves they got, as they were attached to the promise of a snowmobile trip.

One of my favorite things I saw was given by Seth this year. Somewhere along the way, he has acquired the skill of making practical things out of tape. Electrical tape, duct tape, packing tape, you name it! He made wallets for all of his brothers this year. They are pretty cool and quite functional. Here is a pic of his sporting the slippers he created for himself. So far those have not gone into production.

Overall it was a great morning and I loved making breakfast for my happy family. I didn't mind eating it myself either.


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