Saturday, December 4, 2010

Calendar That

This afternoon I was feeling a little wishy washy. I knew tonight was the Ward Christmas Party, but with John and the 2 older boys out of town, I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to attend. But I rallied my inner Active-Mormon and took the steps to get there. I got everyone showered and dressed in clean, unwrinkled clothing. I collected some canned food as our ward was gathering it as admission. I thought that was a great idea as the food would go to our local food bank.

We ate dinner (the Party was only serving dessert) then loaded into the jeep. It is really dark by 7:00pm. I tried to talk the party up a bit, as my kids were hesitant to go without the whole family as well. We got there minutes early and when we pulled into the parking lot, I knew immediately that something was off. The parking lot was full. 10 minutes early? Definately not right.

It took me just a moment scanning the parking lot to see that the cars in the lot were not from our ward. Earlier this week I had seen the other ward practicing for their party which also was this weekend. I started to put it together but was not completely sure what happened. Just then, I saw a man from the other ward walk out of the kitchen door. Yep. Tonight was definately the other ward's party and it had probably started at 6:30p judging by the parking lot.

The kids instantly hemmed and hawwed when I admitted my error, but their spirits were quickly restored when I announced that we would instead be going to Dairy Queen. Which we did. On the way home, we stopped at Wal Mart for milk and movies. We found some Airbender cartoons on the discount rack.

Upon our return home, I checked my calendar and there it was, the Ward Party, 7:00pm, on Friday. Snap. So here we all sit, on my bed, eating popcorn watching the movie.

The frustrating thing is that this is the second time this has happened to me this last week. On Monday I took these same 3 kiddos to the Dentist office for their checkups. Except that when we arrived, the receptionist let me know that our appointments were exactly 1 month from now. I heard her message wrong and I took everyone to the office in November instead of December (although, on my crackly answering machine they sound just alike...)!

So what is up with me and the Calendar lately?! And poor Elise, Jackson, and Jebb are beginning to wonder if their mom can get any appointments right!

At least we are all ready for church tomorrow (church is tomorrow, right?!).

Oh well, please pass the popcorn.

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