Sunday, November 7, 2010

When I Grow Up

I have a dark secret which brings me great shame. OK, maybe it's not a very big secret, as I tell a lot of people about it. And maybe 'shame' is too strong a word. It brings me something more like regret or a little twinge of sadness. Well, maybe more like a fair amount of sadness when thought of...

I am a college drop out.

That's right I never finished getting a degree. I really, really loved going to college and even enjoyed taking classes. B ut I am not going to lie, even when I was in college, I was somewhat wishy-washy and directionless. I liked lots of stuff and had a hard time really specializing in anything (too bad I didn't live back in the days when this was referred to as being a Renaissance (wo)Man instead of just being kind of a loser.)

I couldn't decided what I wanted to BE when I grew up.

And I still haven't quite figured it out.

I serve in the Young Women's program now and today we had our monthly joint meeting with the boys where a teacher comes in and talks to all of us about the value of education. And specifically today, all of the kids filled out a questionnaire about what we might like or dislike in a job. Apparently our teacher will take these papers home, enter them into some sort of magic vocation selecting computer program and it will unlock the secret to the future happiness of the quiz takers. Or it will at least spit out a few ideas of jobs you might like.

Many of the things I marked 'Like' were things that I will never do as a job--like professional singer or piloting a boat on a river (he never said you had to be capable of doing the job, you just had to like the idea of doing it-although I did actually have a job for a summer where I piloted a boat down a river...). Going by what I liked, it seems like I should have worked in the entertainment industry, as I would really 'Like' to write a song or be in a jazz band. In filling out the questionnaire, I also realized that I am kind of a jerk, as I marked 'Dislike' on most things pertaining to caring for old people, handicapped people, and small children. I think there was a time in my college years when I would have thought I'd 'Like' working with all of those people, but my old, jaded self has realized I am not nearly as patient as the people who excel in those fields.

John and I try to talk a lot about the importance of a good education to our kids and I am hoping they will not quit like I did. Gabe plans to own a gravel pit. Seth says he'd like to be a brain surgeon or a lawyer. Elise comes up with a new business plan about once a week for resturaunts, child care centers, retail stores, you name it (she plans to start small with one location then replicate it in other places)! Jackson wants to be a famous singer, a gravel pit worker, or a superhero. Jebb wants to be a policeman or a race car driver. I just want them all to be hard working and feel a sense of success in whatever they choose to do. Of course I hope the biggest thing they will want to do is have a family. I know from first hand experience that families happen to ROCK! :) But I do hope that they have a little more direction at a younger age professionally speaking. ;) And I hope that they all graduate from college because then not only will they have the tools and education to build a better life, but I will also be able to live vicariously through them thereby hiding my own guilt and shame at being a drop out.

It was interesting timing for me on taking the little quiz because I have actually recently signed up for an online college class from BYU. I am not planning to graduate any time soon, but I figure it can't hurt. And so far, I really 'Like' it.


Kim Hannay said...

Families do ROCK! So do you. I would buy a ticket to your concert. ;)

Lucy said...

I'd buy a ticket to your concert too. I think you have ALL the tools to do whatever you want to do. You have been a great example to me about the power of knowledge and learning. You may consider the degree to be all powerful and I, myself, and a big fan of the degree, but you have been a real life example to many about gaining and using knowledge here on earth. I think so.

And you don't even have to help out the elderly or disabled to still be cool in my eyes;-)

Dad's Thoughts said...

Have you ever considered going into politics?

ShelleyG said...

Thanks Kim and Lucy--those comments are appreciated as I consider both of you to be shameless overachievers! :)

And Dad, I thought you loved me!!! ;)

Team Caldwell said...

Just getting around to reading blogs, Thought I'd leave a little college comment since I too am a drop out that has decided to go back. The lesson that is most noticed in my crazy frazzled life is this, finish school before you quit! :) Kassidy said it best this morning as we all were getting ready for school. They are old enough now to see what I am actually having to go through. Between mom, wife, FRG leader (an RS Pres for army wives), primary president and 3 months of helping a diabetic woman declutter and move and squeeze in a full load of college, NOT including normal things like cleaning, shopping YIKES! She said today as we talked about our upcoming day and all I had to do today she said this, "as soon as I'm done with HS I'm gonna do college and never stop til I'm done!" Told her that's perfect! SO tell your kids NO NO NO NO NO NO Stopping!! ;) It's my free time I miss the most. I say keep going girl, it's actually quite fulfilling and makes you feel accomplished! Hugs