Monday, November 1, 2010

We Have A Winner!!

Today Jackson came home from school with a heavy backpack and a huge, excited smile. He was almost bursting when dropped down on his knees, opened his backpack, and announced, "Look what I won, Mom!!!"

He pulled from his pack a large bottle containing every small, cheap, breakable Halloween toy known to mankind! ;) As we were leaving the school carnival on Friday night, Jackson had pulled me back to a table where this jar sat. It was a raffle where all you have to do is guess the number of items correctly to win the jar. He asked me if he could fill out a guess and even though everyone else was already out the door, I decided to pause for a minute and let him give it a shot. He picked up an entry slip and a pencil. He looked at the jar which was right at his eye level and studied it for a moment while giving a meaningful, "hmmmm..." More thinking.

"Hey Jacks, we need to get going, everyone is going to be waiting in the car."

"OK, then I will guess 400."

He wrote his first name and the number 400 taking care not write the 4 backwards. And we left.

So imagine his excitement this morning when he was announced the winner of the Halloween Jar! Plastic eyeballs, temporary tatoos, noise makers, rings, and glowing vampire teeth were some of the fantastic spoils. You can imagine what fun the kids had going through the whole thing. There were even 2 $1 bills!

A little later in the day, Jackson came to me to let me know that he had accomplished what had apparently been a 'goal of his life.' I inquired what it was he had done. Seemingly it has been his lifelong dream to have a ring for every finger. I laughed as I actually remember his telling me that this was an ambition he had. Oh that Jackson! I am glad he was the winner of this one, even if I cringe at the though to 400 pieces of tiny Halloween junk haunting me for the next several months!

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