Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun...

...Please Shine Down on ME!!

We have a new lawn ornament. And I am pretty excited about it! Thank you Mr. Obama for the big tax credit!

It has taken a few months to get it completely installed and running, but I am proud to say that we are producing Solar Energy here at the BigG house!

Installation began this summer. Back in August, we ran our electrical line and installed the footing for the pole that the solar panel sits on.

This is actually the spot where I have been trying to convince John to build me a tennis court. I guess I'll have to find a different spot! ;)

The power generated runs through this box in our garage

where this cool little screen tells me how much power has been generated today.

In theory, if we generate more than we consume, our electric meter will turn backwards and we will 'sell' our power back to LPEA. Pretty cool!

It is hard to get perspective on just how big this panel is, so I asked Jackson to come out and stand by it so I could get a picture. At first, he was opposed to the idea, and refused to move from our source of fossil fuels (that is our propane tank that runs our boiler).
But I finally convinced him.
And as you can see, the thing is enormous!

Elise and Daisy wanted in on the shot too. This pic shows some better detail of the panel surface. Neat-o!

Although our house is fairly large, we do not heat with electricity, so our usage is not that great. We do consume more electricity in the summer when our AC is running. Although this panel is big, it still is not estimated to cover all of our electricity usage. Considering the cost of the panel and installation, compared to the cost of electricity, it should only take us 30 years to recoup our investment (and that doesn't include the tax credit....which really, is just Mr. Obama letting us keep more of the money we earned...). So obviously, in my mind at least, solar technology has not evolved enough to make this a viable source of large scale power generation. But I still think it is super cool that we are getting some of our electricity from the sun, cuz I do LOVE sunshine!

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Lucy said...

Look at you, tree hugger! Kidding. I think it's great and I applaud your give-it-a-go attitude.