Friday, November 19, 2010

Movie After Midnight

Last night I think it must have been a full moon, or almost. I got a wild hair and decided to stay up late and go to see the new Harry Potter 7 Part I Movie!!

Around 11:30pm as we sat in the theater with a bunch of college kids, I began to wonder why I decided to come. I was feeling a little sleepy.

A lot sleepy.

So just after midnight, the movie began.

I woke right up and LOVED the whole darn thing!

It made it super fun that I went with 3 of my favorite guys. Seth and I sat together so we could whisper about the movie, as we were the ones that had read the book. John and Gabe said that although they had not read it, they still really liked it too.

Today, we are all VERY tired, but it was super fun to stay out late and be a little crazy!

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