Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And More Concerts

The concert theme continued tonight as Seth surprised us all with an orchestra concert tonight. Luckily, his Scoutmaster attended the concert and let us know he would be canceling Scouts for it, otherwise I think Seth might have just let us all miss it...including him! Although he does not love being in the orchestra, I LOVE watching his perform.

Once again, poor concert pictures. Not only is it hard to get a good picture at this location, but Seth is in the back and doesn't mind hiding from me and my camera. This is the zoom from the pic.
Elise and I had a good time as it was just the two of us watching Seth. I think Seth is lucky to have us as we are 2 very loyal fans! :) Seth not only likes to hide during his concerts, but he doesn't like having his picture taken afterwards either. Drat. I am hoping my boys grow out of that or I might have only blurry pictures of them from a distance throughout their teen years!

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