Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elise is 11!

Tonight we celebrated Elise's 11th Birthday. She has been pushing for a big party all week, so she was a little slow to warm to our early, small, family gathering.

She tried to muster up some enthusiasm for opening presents. It struck me that it must be a little irritating sometimes as an 11 year old girl to have a house full of boys singing Happy Birthday. But who can resist this crowd with all their charm?:

Thank heaven Lanae agreed to let Afton and Karver come over for dinner tonight. I think they saved the night for our Elise-she sure loves these two.

And I'll be honest, the night got better and better as she opened her presents. She was mildly excited about new shampoo and a pink razor. But leave it to John to kick it up a notch.

Everyone was excited for her. This is her first bike. Of course she has ridden others, but they were all Gabe or Seth's old bikes. She felt pretty cool to have one JUST for her.

She was finally ready to take some pictures with us-with a real smile! :)

Because it was a school night, we wasted no time shifting into the activity portion of the evening. A huge thanks to John for pre-scraping out several pumpkins for the girls to carve. Jebb and I decided to scrape out our own. By the way-whoever invented those little plastic scraping tools...pure genius. It has revolutionalized pumpkin gut removal!!

The girls happily and quietly worked on their gourd carving. They did a fabulous job! Hank helped Jackson carve his pumpkin.

Everyone took a picture with their masterpieces before it was time to take Elise's friend's home. Overall, I think it turned out pretty darn good for our getting-older-by-the-day Elise. We love the heck out of her and are so glad to have such a beautiful and kind hearted daughter. Happy Birthday Elise!


Lucy said...

Man, when you catch up on your blog, you catch up! Looks like there's been lots of celebrating going on over at the Big G tribe! Elise is lovely at eleven and I like her fancy bike!

meegz said...

I love you too Elise! So sorry I got the day mixed up:)!! BTW...this is Aunt Jan...not Megan...I'm on her computer:).