Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conference Weekend

The weekend of General Conference is one I always look forward to. Not only do you get to hear inspiring and timely messages, you get to listen in your pajamas.

General Conference weekend is especially fun when we have visitors. We had the pleasure of having many visiting Rosses this weekend! My brother, Bradley, and his darling family all made the roadtrip to our home. This is not an easy feat, as they have 5 children under the age of 7!!!! They are brave just to drive to the grocery store, let alone all the way to Colorado!! But we are really glad that they did. Also roadtripping this weekend were my parents. It happened to be my dad's 70th birthday, so we all decided to make a card and hang it in his room. We considered making a much bigger deal of his birthday, but decided against it as he is now officially older than dirt. ;)

The weather was GORGEOUS this fall weekend and Brad's family even ventured into the pond. Mostly they stayed in the canoe and paddleboat, but Ezra was quite certain he wanted to swim. I'm not gonna lie, the water is COLD right now, and I think Ezra decided against complete submersion, but enjoyed himself none the less.

We were all excited when G&G Ross arrived!

We all listened attentively to conference on Saturday. Here, Seth and I study Lehi's dream (that's an old mission joke about sleeping through morning study). Despite our posture, conference really was good. There were lots of great messages. It is hard to get our kids to sit through it, especially on Saturday, so I usually just insist that they listen when the Prophet speaks.

Sunday was a little more laid back and we all took in the morning session.

Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a field trip to the gravel pit. Riding there in the Pintz was really fun for the little guys....no seatbelts!! Crazy! :)

I am really glad that Keryn blogs because I was able to steal a few pics off of her blog! I have not been taking lots of pics lately and I was glad she got some fun shots.

I love having company. The only thing I like better is when FAMILY is the company! My kids like it to because I actually cook. heehee I just really enjoy it when the cousins can hang out together for more than an hour or two. I think those relationships enrich their world's so much. I am so glad that my parents and my baby bro's fam were brave enough to make the long drive here!! I hope they will come again soon!

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Keryn said...

We had such a thoroughly great time, I'm afraid you'll never be rid of us. We'll come again and again...

Thanks for hosting us. We love you guys so much!