Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10... Great day for a 14th Birthday

10-10-10 doesn't roll around every day! Today is Gabe's 14th birthday and although I felt some pressure to make it ten-tastic, we laid pretty low with it being the Sabbath and all.

Grandma bought these big balloons for Gabe. He was a good sport and posed for a brief picture. Being 14 now, he has an image to maintain. ;)

He got a package from G&G Ross that they left when they were here last weekend. Gabe resisted the temptation to open it early and is really happy that he now has one of Papa's famous handmade treasure chests. (Thanks Dad!)

I left Gabe's gift up to John this of course he got a .22 for his oldest son. It looks quite intimidating. Gabe was thrilled!

Gabe is such a good son. We have had the opportunity to talk a lot lately about choices and obedience with him (yes, it has to do with girls....heaven help me). He has pleasantly surprised me often. I think I will keep him at least 14 more years!

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meegz said...

That is the meanest looking 22 I've ever seen! For someone who shares your birthday, I have really no excuse for missing your birthday Gabe! Maybe I'll blame it on old age this time:)....Love you and am so happy to see you doing so well (as usual) :0) BTW...this is still Aunt Jan.