Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So That's What It's Like

I was at lunch with a friend of mine and we were talking about all of the usual mother-of-kids-we-worry-about type stuff. Were our kids doing well in school? Were they being responsible? Were they making good friends? This last question seemed to be the one that was really on our mom-radar at the time.

My friend explained that she had worried about some of the friends her daughter had at school. They came from fine families, but they seemed to be kind of 'mean girls.' I knew what this mom was talking about and I felt very sympathetic. I asked if her daughter had any luck finding new friends.

This mom told me that her daughter had recently made a new friend that seemed like a really nice girl...but...she kind of hesitated and chuckled a little bit. But what? I tried to patiently wait for my friend to explain, but I have to admit that my curiosity was peaked.

"She's a really nice girl and has parents that seemed really cool. BUT, they are super healthy."

Well, I didn't understand at all what my friend was talking about because SHE is really healthy, and in fact had just done a triathlon the week before! She was always running, or swimming, or ordering healthy stuff when we went to lunch. My friend is certainly not UNhealthy, so I wasn't sure what she was trying to say. I questioned.

My friend went on to explain that this little girl and her family ate only whole and organic foods. They didn't eat any sugar or refined ANYTHING! They felt so strongly about what they ate, that they had already laid down some ground rules with my friend. Anytime the healthy girl came over to thier home, she was not to eat ANY of the food in my friend's home. Her mother would send any snacks she might need. She couldn't have bottled water, let alone a juice box or even fruit (might not be organic).

Not only could she not eat any food from my friend's home, she couldn't participate in any toxic activities. For example: This girl had a box of markers in her bag which she used on her fingernails. She pulled them out whenever the other young girls painted thier nails because there are aparently deadly chemicals in nail posish. This little girl opened my friend's snack cupboard and proceeded to tell her about all of the deadly, dangerous, and downright unhealthy things in the food that she was feeding her family.

I was shocked and sat with my mouth open as my friend explained the health standards this young girl and her family lived by. I am sure they didn't intend to be offensive. They simply had a standard that they wanted to live by and did all they could to see that it was upheld even when their kids were out of the home. Very admirable. Even commendable.

And yet, my friend expressed the thought I had rolling around in my head when she said, 'I know they are trying to eat a certain way, and I know they don't mean to, but I feel so JUDGED!' My friend verbalized exactly what I was thinking. It would be hard not to feel that way.

We laughed and talked about it a little more and I assured my friend that to me, she was living a very healthy lifestyle. Then a question popped into my head that I verbalized to her, "I wonder if that's how other people feel about us being Mormons when our kids go to their house to play?"

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Lucy said...

Lori told me this story too, only I didn't make the mental leap you did. I was stuck at, "That family is crazy!"