Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oldest and Newest

Sometimes life gives you too much of a good thing. For this Labor Day Weekend, such was the case when it came to family and friends, old and new. There were simply too many of them doing too many things for us to be there for it all.

My Oldest Nephew, Ty went through the Temple for the first time this weekend. I am so proud of him! He is preparing to serve as a missionary in the Texas, Lubbock Mission. Now, I cannot tell you why mission calls always have the state before the city, but I can tell you that I know Ty is going to be a great missionary and will soon be a lover of all things Texan through and through.
My Newest Neice, Miriam was given a Priesthood Blessing for the first time this week. It is tradition to give new babies a Name and a Blessing. This is an event that I have tried to always attend. Because I don't live near my nieces and nephews, going to their blessings helps to give me a sense of who they are and I really enjoy it. I have made it to most of these blessings over the years.

My husband's only brother was also on the move this weekend and was heading our way with his family and (as we soon found out) some really terrific friends. Sidenote: My picture taking this weekend was awful and not at all indicitive of my level of enjoyment. :) Kip brought his family as well as 2 other families from his ward (they live in the Denver area). Those families happen to be some of my Oldest friends and now some of my Newest. (How was that for a tie-in on the title? Ya, I would say 'fair' as well...)

While I had never met most of the Allred family, I knew the Mother of this fun crew very well. Lori is my old friend from High School and it was a total kick in the pants to see what a gorgeous family she has thrown (you can visit her blog here.) And now our newest friends are the Munros. They are a delightful family that moved recently from Seattle. I thought it was very brave of them to come along on the Durango road trip because hey, we could have been a total freak show family! :) OK, I know we are a little freak show, but we do love company and try to show 'em a good time! I am glad the Munros took the leap of faith. And of course it is always great when the cousins come to visit! :) Overall, there were 10 kids and 6 adults that came to stay. My kids were in HEAVEN (and so was I)!

We spent a day at the lake and enjoyed perfect weather. We fit well on 2 boats and I think everyone had a good time. And no, neither of us crashed on the shore--we just saw it and took a picture!

I, of course, was totally ripping it up on the surf board:

but somehow the boat just got away from me. :) I know it seems a little weird that I only have good pictures of myself at the lake, but I am just vain like that.

On the way home from the lake, we grabbed pizza for all of the kids and the grownups went to dinner. It was so sun and we enjoyed some good belly laughs!

After church on Sunday,we went up the the gravel pit and drove around the on equipment. Several of the kids climbed up on the piles of crushed rock and were coated with a fine powder. There was digging, climbing, loading, and lots of random children driving around at will. There is a pic in the collage of my old friend Lori and my new friend Franny (tying it back to the title...)
I know these pictures don't give the full effect of just how coated in dust these little guys were! They had so much fun I just let them get dirty. Happily, these little guys wash up well.

We had the pleasure of another lake day on Monday before everyone packed up to drive home. I have been one to always want to meet new people. I love the newness and the excitement, but the older I get, the more I realize what a treasure old friends are as well. They just 'get' you and you have a common history you don't need to explain. And of course there is the true treasure of family. I am so glad Kip's family came for a visit and I am glad to hear that my extended family had a really great weekend as well--even without me! ;) I think we are all tied a lot closer than we will ever realize in this life. I am grateful for friends and family old and new!

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Lucy said...

We saw that boat too! Crazy. I love your party attitude. I think you have an incredibly generous and adventurous spirit and it makes you a very fun friend. It also makes you very popular and hard to be in all places at once!

Both your brand new niece and nephew are gorgeous. I'm excited for both of their futures:)