Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mind Your Murmur

An old friend of John's from his Rock Crawling days got married this weekend. I knew it was important to my husband to attend, but I was not at all convinced that it was necessary for me to attend. I mean, I enjoy seeing my husband's old friends, but not so much when there is a poor driving-to-visiting ratio. The plan was to drive to some place north of Logan on Friday where we would attend the wedding reception, then drive back home on Saturday. This is what I mean by a poor driving-to-visiting ratio...lots of driving for not much visiting.

So when faced with this situation, I did what I do best...I murmured. On Wed and Thurs, I started coming up with all kinds of reasons to stay behind. I tried to encourage my husband with a smile, and tell him how fun I thought it would be for him to hang with his friends, without me. He would just smile and say that he really hoped I'd come. I'd smile back, walk off, and murmur to myself...

John did tell me that we would be seeing our good friends the Kofords, and we would even stay the night there. Well, because I adore them, that upped the ratio just enough that I decided to bite my murmuring tongue and pack my overnight bag.

And we drove.

And drove.

Then we met up with the Kofords in Ogden for more driving.

We arrived in Smithfield just in time to attend the wedding reception and it was lovely. Jeeping friends everywhere. My husband had a really, really great time. I enjoyed the cheesecake and hangin' with Jill.

After driving back to Ogden, a little visiting, and a good night's sleep, we were packing up the car to return home.

I hadn't even told my family in Utah that I was driving through, as we didn't have any time to spare on the way up, and John let me know we had a business meeting down in SLC at high noon on our drive home. But as we got closer to their homes, I asked John if he could just drop me at my Mom's house for the hour of his meeting. He didn't say much, and I was hugely tempted to murmur. I refrained. I quietly thought of all the places where I could kill an hour. Tai Pan. Costco. The Mall. Apparently, my quiet musing made my hubby a little uncomfortable and he tried to reassure me that it wouldn't be a really long meeting.

I was still trying not to murmur, and was therefore quiet up until we turned into Cafe Rio. "Cafe Rio?" I asked. John casually said it was a lunch meeting. OK, I like Cafe Rio, maybe this won't be all bad.

We got out of the car and I walked in. I heard a familiar voice say my name, and I looked over to see two of my dear, dear friends from my mission! I gleefully went over to them as I wondered what the odds were of running into them here! I jumped up and down, clapped my hands, and said something silly, then turned to John to tell him of my good luck.

John had a big smile on his face and started to walk back out the door telling me to call him when I was done. I didn't get it. What about his meeting? It took several seconds for me to realize it wasn't some groovy, cosmic coincidence that my friends were lunching at Cafe Rio.

John had called them to surprise me for my birthday. It was only another minute, and two more of my girls arrived. I WAS IN HEAVEN!

Here is a picture of me and my mission girls! I seriously love, love, love these ladies! It was fun to sit and catch up for a couple of hours before the car beckoned me back to the open road back home.

I am so glad that John ignored my murmuring as well as my silence while I struggled to NOT murmur! I am also glad that I didn't make a big fuss like I almost did!!! :) Happy Birthday to me!!!


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday Michelle even though I don't exactly when it is??? Nor obviously did I know exactly when Elise's was either:)...but I do now! However I do know when Gabe's is even though I didn't call him to tell him Happy Birthday so Happy Birthday to Gabe too!!

Cathie said...

Oh Ross! What a fun lunch that was! I miss you so much and even more after spending time with you. You remind me of everything good and fun! Please bless we can do it again soon!

PS, that was a nice comment, eh? Not even anything sarcastic or sassy! Damn, I'm getting good at being good!!!!