Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Red Tailed Hawk

We often have birds fly into our windows. With the recent rains, it must do something strange with the lighting, because it has happened a lot lately. It is unnerving for me to hear a loud 'thump' that literally comes out of the sky, so you can imagine how disorienting it often is for the bird.

Last night I was in the office when I heard the sound of feathers on glass. While I jumped a bit, I continued on with what I was doing. Elise came running into the house encouraging my to quickly follow her out onto the porch to see the bird that was freaking out the cat.

It was an absolutely gorgeous red tailed hawk. It hardly moved for a long time. We stretched out it's wings and they looked all right, but it's feet seemed strange. Eventually it became more alert and after warming it up in a washcloth, we put it in the garage with some water and dog food. It just sat quietly all night. John called someone for advice and they reminded us to wear thick leather gloves while handling it because once it got it's strength back, it could do some quick damage with either beak or feet should it so desire.

While I had visions of elbow-high leather gloves and teeny, tiny, little bird hoods, I am thinking we will look for a good place to give it for rehabilitation. When I told Gabe about the whole 'mini-bird-hood' idea, he laughed and said he was just thinking the same thing!

It was really cool to see such a beautiful creature up close. It just blinked it's little eyes at us as we marveled at what a gorgeous creation it was. And yes, it did really freak out the cat even though it isn't very big.

UPDATE: We have taken the bird to an animal hospital, and it appears our hawk is actually a Kestrel (a type of falcon). Those red tail feathers threw us off! :) Although it seemed more colorful than a hawk, we just assumed that was it's baby coloring!

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