Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School '10

It's the first day of school and I am still wondering where July went. We had a big move this year as we have switched the younger kids to Sunnyside Elementary. We actually live in that school district but because it is 5 miles further away, we have been hesitant to move.

Gabe and Seth are relishing the idea of being another grade older in the Middle School. They are both 'growing out their hair.' I like a little length, but they are on the brink of shaggy. Still, I think they are handsome and OLD! Gabe is officially taller than me- the doctor says he's 5'11". When did this happen?!

Elise is having the hardest time with the idea of a new school. Sunnyside is a feeder school for the same Middle School she will attend next year, so we are trying remind her she'll have twice the friends next year. When we told her we were moving, she wrote me several notes begging us to reconsider. She wrote things like "Please don't make me go to Sunnyside!" Only she would cross our the word 'Sunny' and write 'DEATH' is squiggly letters. So I wrestled with the idea. I know from experience that it is hard to move schools, but sometimes it turns out wonderfully and some good life skills are learned. She has met several of the kids in her class as well as her teacher-to-be so it won't all be brand new.

Jackson was the real catalyst for us switching schools. I decided this summer to keep him back in 1st grade. None of the teachers were excited with the idea as he is on grade level for most skills. But the guy is YOUNG. He is a July birthday and we talked to him at length about the fact that while he is certainly smart enough to move on, he is just not very old yet. He seemed really good with it, so we went in on registration day and signed him up for 1st grade at the new school. The principal pulled up his test scores and said that Jacks would do just great in 2nd grade but she left it up to me. I stuck to the whole 1st grade thing.... until the next morning.

I woke up feeling absolutely HORRIBLE about the whole thing! So we drove right back down to the school and I talked to the principal again and told her we would like to put Jacks into 2nd. She smiled pleasantly and said, "No problem!"

This also meant I would be putting Jebb into kindergarten (they are 2 years apart and I'd like them to stay that way in school as well). By signing him up, there were now enough kinder students to make 2 separate classes. So Jebb will go to school this morning, then back again on Thurs and Fri. He is SO SO excited to be a 'big' kid!

After it was all said and done, the main reason we switched schools ended up being a non-issue. This fact was not lost on Elise and she begged for us to just go back to the old school. But I felt good. I felt like this was the right thing for us. I tried to really study it all out and be thoughtful about the whole thing. I think this is a good move for our family. I am super NOT excited that the school is further away, but overall, I am happy about it.

The kids were good sports about the pics this morning. I am amazed when I look back on years past--I wonder how we got here so fast. But regardless of my denial about getting older, they all ARE getting older. I am really pleased with what good kids they all are. They all got back-to-school blessings last night from their dad and it was interesting and wonderful to hear how special and individual they all are. I am blessed to have them in my life!


Lucy said...

I am really feeling good about this year. I hope your big change has the outcome that you are looking for and that everyone, especially Elise, will enjoy the new school. My boys were nervous but both came home happy and energized by their class. I agree about the drive. It may be only 10 minutes away but when I was bust-a-moving to get there after school from town yesterday, it felt like a road trip. Car pool????

Keryn said...

Your family is so handsome. When Gee saw Elise's picture he asked, "Is that my friend?"

We miss you guys.

Kelly said...

Sorry, I'm with Elise and Deathside. Course, when I grew up there Sunnyside was so small most of the grades were combined with another. From what I hear now, it sounds like a great school. I hope she's ok. It's reassuring to hear about your thoughts with Jebb. I still wonder about Kate. I've been in her class and she is right in the middle academically, but she's just so young. Hmmm.