Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ross Reunion Day 4--Spanish Fork

It's Pioneer Day in the Great Basin and the Ross Reunion decided to honor one of our Pioneer Ancestors in celebration.

Bertha Marie Ericksen Larsen came over from Norway with her husband Peter after joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They traveled with their daughter in law Charlotte and her new baby. Their son Lars had gone months before to get established in Ephraim, Utah. They sailed the ocean and rode a train to their new lives in Utah. Bertha ended up in Spanish Fork where my mom's Grandfather remembers visiting them as a child (they were his Grandparents--sorta confusing, I know).

I am so grateful for my ancestors that left their homeland and everything they had to come gather with the Saints in the Wild West. We met in Spanish Fork at the cemetery where our family had a marker placed on her grave. It is a beautiful and peaceful spot and I hope she likes the new marker. She was a member of the church, but for some reason, her son Lars left the church later in life. Because of this, many generations have not had the blessing of membership in the church. I am so glad my Mom returned to the religion of her ancestors. I know that the pull of Covenants has power to encourage us in the right way throughout generations. I am certain Bertha Marie had a hand in nudging my mom in the right direction.

Here is a photo of one tiny branch in her line of posterity. I am so glad we all got to be here to honor her and to reflect on the sacrifices that were made by our predecessors.

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