Friday, July 23, 2010

Ross Reunion Day 3--Fun and Games

This morning there was the first ever Ross Reunion Fun Run. I am not sure why we decided to do this. I am not sure why I participated. I am not sure if I will ever catch my breath again. Before I go on, I just want to look at the words:


That's actually a lot like

Happy--Crappy, or Swell--Hell, or how about Love It--Shove It!

OK, I will stop. Back to the Fun Run...

It was over and I was SO happy :). Kim gave out trophies for the winners. Jebb got one for being the best sprinter. I got one for being last. Yes, last. But I finished! :) heehee
We continued on with the fun and games theme when we went swimming at the Rec Center. I had some really cool pictures but they are on the waterproof camera I the Rec Center. Shoot.

After running and swimming, we decided to go for a triathlon and we biked to Provo....OK, not really. Thankfully, this kids went home for and afternoon of badmitton and chalk drawing while the parents went to the Jordan River Temple. Skip and Laurene were in a later session than us, so they missed the group shot.

After a yum dinner, we played the funniest games based on the show 'Minute to Win It.' We did stuff with ping-pong balls, golf balls, water, balloons, shoes and cookies. It was hilarious! There were also lots of trophies! Man those kids love trophies! :) We got to hear about another ancestor from Nicole. She spotlighted Elmer Ray Peters, my great-grandpa. Drake did a great powerpoint to tell us about him.

A real treat from tonight was when my Dad passed out copies of an original book that he wrote about a spoiled girl named Shaundra (Illustrated by our cousin Chris Graves). It was a good book that became flat out GREAT when my dad read it to us! Shaundra is a character my dad would make up bed time stories about. Her tantrums were the best part because my dad would act it out so well!! I am so glad our kids got to hear my dad tell the story because it will be easy to imagine him narrating it when they read it in the future.


Kelly said...

I love that you're in my neck of the woods!! Have fun!

ShelleyG said...

Kelly, I thought of you all through our fun run because I was wishing you could have done it for me! :) I can't wait to drive by your parent's house to check out the fence!