Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ross Reunion Day 2--Up the Canyon

We started off today in usual Kim-planning-what's-going-on fashion. By this I mean that we had a BIG MEAL! My mom's brother, Wes, and his family were in town to visit my Grandma. They came by and had breakfast with us and it was nice to have our kids meet Jan (Wes' wife) and their kids Michele and Janelle. Fun Factoid: I was the flower girl at Wes and Jan's wedding when I was about 5 years old. I LOVED it!

My sister Deb is quite the artist and she made up this amazing poster documenting some of our heritage. Not everyone of our ancestors is on the chart, but we included ones we chose to highlight throughout the reunion. Kim gave an intro of the days to come and we all oo'ed and ahh'ed over the poster. In honor of my Grandma, Dorothy Peters, we focused on the branches of the family tree that produced my Mom, Eva. I think it would be a great tradition to focus on different ancestors at every reunion, as we have a lot of colorful predecessors! :)

We all headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon for the day and it was terrific! The temperatures were soaring and it felt good to be in the cool canyon. We ate lunch, took family pics, and mingled with the wildlife.

From here we went further up the canyon to Silver Lake near Solitude Ski Resort. It was gorgeous! They had a trail around the lake that allows you to walk through the wetlands that flow into the lake. We saw ducks and two moose (mooses, meese, ???).

Back in the Valley that night, the adults got to enjoy dinner out where, I am horrified to say, we had to sit on a saddle at Texas Roadhouse, while everyone wished us a Happy Anniversary (15 years baby!!). The kids had a pizza night, a craft night, a snowcone night, and a movie night all rolled into one. When we got home from dinner, we heard from Deb who told us about the life and times of Dorothy Amelia Buck Peters (my mom's mom). An overriding theme from her life from her life was "We did the best we could." She lived through the Depression, WWII, had a son in Vietnam, as well as many other financial and personal hardships. It was neat to hear about her life and Deb was the right person to tell about it as she has been spending a great deal of time with Grandma now that she lives in a nursing home in SLC.

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