Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ross Reunion Day 1-- Lagoon!

It's that time of year again! The Ross Reunion is in SLC this year and we are celebrating our ancestors this time. Kim is in charge so of course it is gonna be good!
Anyone that lives along the Wasatch Front recognizes this wooden roller coaster. That's right--to start things off right we all went to spend the day at Lagoon. Before we all dispersed to seek out the best rides, I got a pic of the cousins. I heart these guys!!

Many of the kids group themselves by age and ride tolerance, so of course I was with the little guys. ;) We ran into some cousins on things like the bumper cars, the ferris wheel, and the raft ride.

We enjoyed running into each other and chatting in the shade.

You never know who you might run into at Lagoon. John ran into Rees Rumsey and called me on the phone. He is the guy who set me up with John (oh ya, and we used to date...). He was at Lagoon with his beautiful wife Nancy and their son Cole. It was fun, albeit crazy, to run into them.

It was pretty dang warm in the afternoon and the kids cooled off in the fountains before we went to LagoonABeach. Overall, I think it was a smashing success! What a great way to kick off the Ross Reunion!

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George and Eva Ross said...

It made me feel like I was there!