Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving Dirt

As I wrote previously, Seth and Gabe have been doing hard labor this summer. We have employed both of them to work at the pit and around our house. Gabe has been a huge help building Grandma Kristine's Condo pad. He has run a mini track hoe, a skidsteer, and a tractor to help level, clear, and fill the sight. Seth has been instrumental in the cleaning and organization of the grimy shop located at the pit. Lots of steam cleaning, organizing, and sweeping.

So today Seth almost jumped out of bed at 5:45 to get ready for work because he knew he was going to get to run a piece of equipment and that sounded a lot funner than cleaning up. I stopped by on my way home from swim lessons in order to get a few pictures.

Seth is driving this off-road heavy haul truck. Hank is loading the truck with the excavator. Quite the dynamic-dirt-duo I must say!

I am proud of how hard Seth has worked and so is his dad. That is one reason he got to do this job today (Gabe was pretty envious!) I think it is a great chance for the boys to not only gain new skills, but to learn how to work at tough jobs. Way to move that dirt!

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