Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kickin' It With The Kofords

It's always an adventure when the Kofords come to town! They are up for anything! :) Friday we decided to go up La Plata Canyon to do a little exploring. It was hot at our house so the nice cool mountains were a delight.

Saturday continued to be smoking hot AND it was Jackson's birthday!! It just seemed right to go to the LAKE! Of course the Kofords were up for it! Jill has a sweet camera and a good eye for head shots...hence this collage: (thanks Jill!)

But there were a whole lot more photo opportunities than just head shots:

There were some crashes:

There were some jumps:

There were more head shots:

And there was Jill with her buff arms: (I almost pasted my own head on this picture just to look cool...)
But mostly we just had a really great time. Thank you for coming Kofords! I know it is a long drive just for 2 short days, but I love that we go up in the mountains with you guys each summer. It is a tradition I hope we always keep!

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