Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jackson is 7

Today is Jackson's 7th birthday. He has been counting it down for the last 90 or so days. He surprised me as I would listen to him discuss it with Jebb in the car on occasion, he kept a very accurate tally until his big day. I guess the days of celebrating after his birthday are over.

After a fun day at the lake with the Kofords, we headed home, showered up, and got ready to Party with the Birthday Boy! :) Grandma and Hank came over for the festivities as well. Jacks made out pretty well. He has been wanting a new hooded towel as his old one wasn't quite long enough in the back (if you get my drift). I was excited when I found this new one...until he opened it and tried it on...I guess I will measure before gifting next time. He was most excited about the helmet Rod and Jill got him (apparently he was quite specific in his request and told them several times specifically what he wanted from them...nice...).

After blowing out the candles, we fired up the ol' Spanking Machine. John headed up the line and Jackson loved crawling through.

It was a full and fantastic day for our (no so) little Jackson. He said he had a great day and wondered how many days until his next birthday...when you wake up, it will only be 364 more days! We love you bud! :)

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