Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grandma Peters

Today I took my family to meet my last surviving Grandparent. Her name is Dorothy Peters, and we always called her Grandma Peters. She is my mom's mom. She has lived in California for all of my life, but has recently come to live near my mom in a nursing home here in Utah. My kids have never met her. I fell kinda bad about this, but we have never really been close. In fact, when I see her, I always explain who I am because I don't think she really knows me. She grew up in Utah and her mom was actually a member of the church. Her dad on the other hand, was from Missouri and did NOT like Mormons (Why he lived in Utah then is a bit of a mystery to me...). So although she is familiar with the church, she doesn't consider herself LDS or even religious. She is a cute little lady who giggles a lot and my kids seemed to enjoy meeting her. i didn't have my camera, so this was taken with John's phone. Not the best pic, but it will do.

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