Thursday, July 29, 2010


After talking about it for years, we had some fish put into the pond today. It was surprisingly easy and fast. A guy from the fish farm pulled up in his truck, opened a valve, and presto! Fish!
The farm where we got the fish has a constant temperature around 53 degrees as it is fed by a hillside spring. The fish guy was concerned the fish would be shocked going into our warmer pond (he measured the temp in the low 70's on the surface). We began by throwing in a few testers and one of the fish we threw into the pond just floated on it's side for 15-20 seconds before rebooting and swimming off. The suspense was quite dramatic.

It was time for the rest of them to follow. The fish guy opened the valve and out came 200 or so female rainbow trout (this is a guess, as we bought them by the pound...300 pounds to be precise). I thought it was interesting that they are all female and we would not have any reproduction going on--although the fish guy said he can sell us as many more as we would like in the future.

The fish were all a little freaked out right at first and skimmed and jumped on the surface of the water before settling in and going to the cooler, deeper depths. It was really fun to watch them and we had to pick several up that literally beached themselves in their confusion and shock. The fish guy said that if they live through the day, they should be fine, but we are likely to have several 'floaters' with a temperature difference like this. Apparently most people stock in the cool of Spring...who knew?

The fish guy say next year we should have some eating sized trout in the pond. Be ready to bring your pole!


Kelly said...

We are totally coming. My kids were quite disappointed with our last fishing attempts!

ShelleyG said...

Kelly you guys are welcome anytime!!