Friday, July 2, 2010


Last night after attending a political meeting, I was feeling like some lighthearted fun. I joined up with some super cool ladies from Bayfield to attend the 945 showing of the latest installment in the Twilight saga, Eclipse. I am so glad that I went! A big thanks to Kim H for planning the whole shebang... and I mean SHEBANG! She had a huge party at her house right before this with games, trivia, and prizes. Next time I am ditching out on attending lame meetings and I am gonna party like a vampire. :)

I am just turning into the little late-nighter-with-the-gals kinda girl!

I will give you my brief review of the movie. I liked it much much better than the first two. A bigger budget can make a better movie apparently. I still wonder though if you had never read the books what you would think of the movies? I think they would kinda blow--at least the first two. OK, they would be entertaining, but I think so much of the lovey stuff that makes everyone swoon over the books does not translate well to the movies. Maybe I am just not crazy about the people cast as Edward or Bella. Edward is so not cute and Bella is so not likeable. Jacob was just fine ("Does he own a shirt?" ha). But I thought it was good-definately worth seeing in the theater. What really made it enjoyable was the fun company! Thanks again 'Fun Kim' for organizing it all! :)


Sue said...

Hilarious. You do know how to party, girl!

Brooke said...

Haha! TOTALLY agree with your review! I can't help but laugh at the cheesy lines and poor delivery, yet I keep coming back for more. It was fun seeing you, even if it means I made it onto your blog with my cheesy grin in that last picture! :P