Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Daisy Dihlemma a.k.a. Chapter IV

Daisy got into a Porcupine today. Again. For the 4th time this summer.

Just last week she came home with an enormous cut on her shoulder that had to be stitched up by the vet. We are guessing she tried to run into a culvert and got filleted by the sharp edge (???) as it was a perfect little arc. Including the haircut, it was over $300!!!! Plus painkillers!!!

I cannot even think about how much that darn Daisy has cost in Vet bills this summer alone, or I would just get mad! What can I do with our wild Dingo Daisy? She is such a great dog, but oh so naughty!!! I need to send her to porcupines annonymous or something! I am afraid if she ends up in dog jail (which she does EVERY summer during monsoon season) John might just leave her there!

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Mimi said...

she sounds like Jake...he eventually got old and didn't want to get into quite so much mischief as I'll be she will too. They are just exceptionally curious and tenacious you know:)! I think Thursday will be the best day for Elise and I to hike this week. I'll call soon but I'm thinking we should leave early...want to do the one off CR 500 at north end of Vallecito. Just up and back aways.