Thursday, July 29, 2010


After talking about it for years, we had some fish put into the pond today. It was surprisingly easy and fast. A guy from the fish farm pulled up in his truck, opened a valve, and presto! Fish!
The farm where we got the fish has a constant temperature around 53 degrees as it is fed by a hillside spring. The fish guy was concerned the fish would be shocked going into our warmer pond (he measured the temp in the low 70's on the surface). We began by throwing in a few testers and one of the fish we threw into the pond just floated on it's side for 15-20 seconds before rebooting and swimming off. The suspense was quite dramatic.

It was time for the rest of them to follow. The fish guy opened the valve and out came 200 or so female rainbow trout (this is a guess, as we bought them by the pound...300 pounds to be precise). I thought it was interesting that they are all female and we would not have any reproduction going on--although the fish guy said he can sell us as many more as we would like in the future.

The fish were all a little freaked out right at first and skimmed and jumped on the surface of the water before settling in and going to the cooler, deeper depths. It was really fun to watch them and we had to pick several up that literally beached themselves in their confusion and shock. The fish guy said that if they live through the day, they should be fine, but we are likely to have several 'floaters' with a temperature difference like this. Apparently most people stock in the cool of Spring...who knew?

The fish guy say next year we should have some eating sized trout in the pond. Be ready to bring your pole!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Daisy Dihlemma a.k.a. Chapter IV

Daisy got into a Porcupine today. Again. For the 4th time this summer.

Just last week she came home with an enormous cut on her shoulder that had to be stitched up by the vet. We are guessing she tried to run into a culvert and got filleted by the sharp edge (???) as it was a perfect little arc. Including the haircut, it was over $300!!!! Plus painkillers!!!

I cannot even think about how much that darn Daisy has cost in Vet bills this summer alone, or I would just get mad! What can I do with our wild Dingo Daisy? She is such a great dog, but oh so naughty!!! I need to send her to porcupines annonymous or something! I am afraid if she ends up in dog jail (which she does EVERY summer during monsoon season) John might just leave her there!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grandma Peters

Today I took my family to meet my last surviving Grandparent. Her name is Dorothy Peters, and we always called her Grandma Peters. She is my mom's mom. She has lived in California for all of my life, but has recently come to live near my mom in a nursing home here in Utah. My kids have never met her. I fell kinda bad about this, but we have never really been close. In fact, when I see her, I always explain who I am because I don't think she really knows me. She grew up in Utah and her mom was actually a member of the church. Her dad on the other hand, was from Missouri and did NOT like Mormons (Why he lived in Utah then is a bit of a mystery to me...). So although she is familiar with the church, she doesn't consider herself LDS or even religious. She is a cute little lady who giggles a lot and my kids seemed to enjoy meeting her. i didn't have my camera, so this was taken with John's phone. Not the best pic, but it will do.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ross Reunion Day 4--Spanish Fork

It's Pioneer Day in the Great Basin and the Ross Reunion decided to honor one of our Pioneer Ancestors in celebration.

Bertha Marie Ericksen Larsen came over from Norway with her husband Peter after joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They traveled with their daughter in law Charlotte and her new baby. Their son Lars had gone months before to get established in Ephraim, Utah. They sailed the ocean and rode a train to their new lives in Utah. Bertha ended up in Spanish Fork where my mom's Grandfather remembers visiting them as a child (they were his Grandparents--sorta confusing, I know).

I am so grateful for my ancestors that left their homeland and everything they had to come gather with the Saints in the Wild West. We met in Spanish Fork at the cemetery where our family had a marker placed on her grave. It is a beautiful and peaceful spot and I hope she likes the new marker. She was a member of the church, but for some reason, her son Lars left the church later in life. Because of this, many generations have not had the blessing of membership in the church. I am so glad my Mom returned to the religion of her ancestors. I know that the pull of Covenants has power to encourage us in the right way throughout generations. I am certain Bertha Marie had a hand in nudging my mom in the right direction.

Here is a photo of one tiny branch in her line of posterity. I am so glad we all got to be here to honor her and to reflect on the sacrifices that were made by our predecessors.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ross Reunion Day 3--Fun and Games

This morning there was the first ever Ross Reunion Fun Run. I am not sure why we decided to do this. I am not sure why I participated. I am not sure if I will ever catch my breath again. Before I go on, I just want to look at the words:


That's actually a lot like

Happy--Crappy, or Swell--Hell, or how about Love It--Shove It!

OK, I will stop. Back to the Fun Run...

It was over and I was SO happy :). Kim gave out trophies for the winners. Jebb got one for being the best sprinter. I got one for being last. Yes, last. But I finished! :) heehee
We continued on with the fun and games theme when we went swimming at the Rec Center. I had some really cool pictures but they are on the waterproof camera I the Rec Center. Shoot.

After running and swimming, we decided to go for a triathlon and we biked to Provo....OK, not really. Thankfully, this kids went home for and afternoon of badmitton and chalk drawing while the parents went to the Jordan River Temple. Skip and Laurene were in a later session than us, so they missed the group shot.

After a yum dinner, we played the funniest games based on the show 'Minute to Win It.' We did stuff with ping-pong balls, golf balls, water, balloons, shoes and cookies. It was hilarious! There were also lots of trophies! Man those kids love trophies! :) We got to hear about another ancestor from Nicole. She spotlighted Elmer Ray Peters, my great-grandpa. Drake did a great powerpoint to tell us about him.

A real treat from tonight was when my Dad passed out copies of an original book that he wrote about a spoiled girl named Shaundra (Illustrated by our cousin Chris Graves). It was a good book that became flat out GREAT when my dad read it to us! Shaundra is a character my dad would make up bed time stories about. Her tantrums were the best part because my dad would act it out so well!! I am so glad our kids got to hear my dad tell the story because it will be easy to imagine him narrating it when they read it in the future.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary--15 Years!

While the Ross Reunion was going strong today, there was a quiet sub-story playing out in the wings. Today is our Wedding Anniversary and we quietly celebrated 15 years.

At breakfast, John had a special table set up for just the two of us.

We got to dine alone under the tree until Elise came over insisting she take our picture. :) We then got to spend the day in the beautiful canyon where we did cheesy things, like walking together holding hands along the lake trail.

In the evening we went out to dinner where we got to be the center of attention atop a saddle (eek!) And all of this we got to do while spending our day with all of our favorite people. What a great way to spend an anniversary!

Ross Reunion Day 2--Up the Canyon

We started off today in usual Kim-planning-what's-going-on fashion. By this I mean that we had a BIG MEAL! My mom's brother, Wes, and his family were in town to visit my Grandma. They came by and had breakfast with us and it was nice to have our kids meet Jan (Wes' wife) and their kids Michele and Janelle. Fun Factoid: I was the flower girl at Wes and Jan's wedding when I was about 5 years old. I LOVED it!

My sister Deb is quite the artist and she made up this amazing poster documenting some of our heritage. Not everyone of our ancestors is on the chart, but we included ones we chose to highlight throughout the reunion. Kim gave an intro of the days to come and we all oo'ed and ahh'ed over the poster. In honor of my Grandma, Dorothy Peters, we focused on the branches of the family tree that produced my Mom, Eva. I think it would be a great tradition to focus on different ancestors at every reunion, as we have a lot of colorful predecessors! :)

We all headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon for the day and it was terrific! The temperatures were soaring and it felt good to be in the cool canyon. We ate lunch, took family pics, and mingled with the wildlife.

From here we went further up the canyon to Silver Lake near Solitude Ski Resort. It was gorgeous! They had a trail around the lake that allows you to walk through the wetlands that flow into the lake. We saw ducks and two moose (mooses, meese, ???).

Back in the Valley that night, the adults got to enjoy dinner out where, I am horrified to say, we had to sit on a saddle at Texas Roadhouse, while everyone wished us a Happy Anniversary (15 years baby!!). The kids had a pizza night, a craft night, a snowcone night, and a movie night all rolled into one. When we got home from dinner, we heard from Deb who told us about the life and times of Dorothy Amelia Buck Peters (my mom's mom). An overriding theme from her life from her life was "We did the best we could." She lived through the Depression, WWII, had a son in Vietnam, as well as many other financial and personal hardships. It was neat to hear about her life and Deb was the right person to tell about it as she has been spending a great deal of time with Grandma now that she lives in a nursing home in SLC.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ross Reunion Day 1-- Lagoon!

It's that time of year again! The Ross Reunion is in SLC this year and we are celebrating our ancestors this time. Kim is in charge so of course it is gonna be good!
Anyone that lives along the Wasatch Front recognizes this wooden roller coaster. That's right--to start things off right we all went to spend the day at Lagoon. Before we all dispersed to seek out the best rides, I got a pic of the cousins. I heart these guys!!

Many of the kids group themselves by age and ride tolerance, so of course I was with the little guys. ;) We ran into some cousins on things like the bumper cars, the ferris wheel, and the raft ride.

We enjoyed running into each other and chatting in the shade.

You never know who you might run into at Lagoon. John ran into Rees Rumsey and called me on the phone. He is the guy who set me up with John (oh ya, and we used to date...). He was at Lagoon with his beautiful wife Nancy and their son Cole. It was fun, albeit crazy, to run into them.

It was pretty dang warm in the afternoon and the kids cooled off in the fountains before we went to LagoonABeach. Overall, I think it was a smashing success! What a great way to kick off the Ross Reunion!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kickin' It With The Kofords

It's always an adventure when the Kofords come to town! They are up for anything! :) Friday we decided to go up La Plata Canyon to do a little exploring. It was hot at our house so the nice cool mountains were a delight.

Saturday continued to be smoking hot AND it was Jackson's birthday!! It just seemed right to go to the LAKE! Of course the Kofords were up for it! Jill has a sweet camera and a good eye for head shots...hence this collage: (thanks Jill!)

But there were a whole lot more photo opportunities than just head shots:

There were some crashes:

There were some jumps:

There were more head shots:

And there was Jill with her buff arms: (I almost pasted my own head on this picture just to look cool...)
But mostly we just had a really great time. Thank you for coming Kofords! I know it is a long drive just for 2 short days, but I love that we go up in the mountains with you guys each summer. It is a tradition I hope we always keep!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jackson is 7

Today is Jackson's 7th birthday. He has been counting it down for the last 90 or so days. He surprised me as I would listen to him discuss it with Jebb in the car on occasion, he kept a very accurate tally until his big day. I guess the days of celebrating after his birthday are over.

After a fun day at the lake with the Kofords, we headed home, showered up, and got ready to Party with the Birthday Boy! :) Grandma and Hank came over for the festivities as well. Jacks made out pretty well. He has been wanting a new hooded towel as his old one wasn't quite long enough in the back (if you get my drift). I was excited when I found this new one...until he opened it and tried it on...I guess I will measure before gifting next time. He was most excited about the helmet Rod and Jill got him (apparently he was quite specific in his request and told them several times specifically what he wanted from them...nice...).

After blowing out the candles, we fired up the ol' Spanking Machine. John headed up the line and Jackson loved crawling through.

It was a full and fantastic day for our (no so) little Jackson. He said he had a great day and wondered how many days until his next birthday...when you wake up, it will only be 364 more days! We love you bud! :)