Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We Made it to the Lake

We did actually make it to the lake this weekend. I took some pictures on Monday morning.

We drove down by the dam so the kids could get out and climb around on the rocks. They are like lizards. :) They hunted for rocks and played 'Star Wars' between cool-off dips in the lake. I managed a good sunburn (will I ever learn?!)

The 3 youngest Martins came too. They tried to make the most of their cousin time.

John tried to take a picture of the two of us, but it was too bright to look up at the sun. Of course, I guess we could have stood up, but I was too lazy. ;)

The kids have a new favorite thing to do on the boat. We drive along at 15 MPH and they all jump off the boat (the prop is up under the boat or i would not go for this...). They did it several times as we headed back to the launch ramp. Each time there were lots of screams and laughs as they jumped out then climbed back in.

Lake Powell is still the magical, fun place of my youth. I love that we are creating happy memories here for our kids and their cousins there too. We owe the Martin Clan huge after they let us stay and have sick kids all weekend! Thank You!!!

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