Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Begins

It has been a long, drawn out Spring. The weather has stayed fairly cool and I hadn't fully shifted into 'Summer' mode. But that all must change now as we have embarked on our annual Salt Lake Summer Sabbatical (yes, I do so enjoy alliteration now and then).

It has become our custom to enroll our older children in BYU sport camps (it is all part of our ongoing plan to brain wash them into becoming True-Blue). So yesterday after church we loaded up the car and off we went (I was SO tired and made Seth talk to me until I could buys some sunflower seeds and DP in Moab (I was just looking for a way to have something in parenthesis like I did in the last 2 sentences-I will stop that now.))

We spent the night with the Hannays before heading down to Provo today. We stopped at Cafe Rio in Provo for lunch.

I have made the realization that pictures of groups taken at tables rarely turn out very well. Not only were our boys going to BYU, but my nephew Nate and his friend were headed there for EFY. There were several kids from Durango going to this same EFY session, and we happened to have one of them with us as she wasn't too excited to ride to Provo with her brother and his friends.

After lunch, we went to the check-in place at BYU. The EFY lines were crazy long, but the Bball camp ones were tiny.This is Gabe checking in. He was not wanting me to take his pic, hence the back of his head.

By the time we reached the dorms where the boys would be staying, they still hadn't warmed up to the whole picture thing.This is them right after saying, "Mom, are you seriously going to take another picture of us?"

The Hannays also checked Nate into his dorm and there we all were only moments from the BYU Creamery. Of course we had to stay and get a little somethin'.I hope everyone has fun, including us! :) The Martin kids are in town (Nic and Theo went to Cancun-lucky ducks) as they are staying with my parents for the week. It ought to be a good start to a fun summer as we kick it off here in Utah!

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