Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jebb is 5

Today Jebb turns 5-all fingers on one hand! How exciting for him! :) Jebb is the baby of the family and I am still somewhat traumatized that he is getting so old, but the whole family enjoys this guy more and more each year. Gabe and Seth called Jebb early in the morning to wish him a Happy Day. He loves those guys and I was impressed they remembered to call while at Bball camp.

Like last year, we are in Utah for Jebb's big day. With all of the family here, it is a built in party no matter what we do. G&G Ross had already planned to take the Martin boys to 'This is the Place' state park and Jebb thought that sounded pretty good. So I'll recap what Jebb did at the park:

The weather for our outing was absolutely perfect. It was sunny and mid 70's all day. Delightful. We hopped on the train to get an overview of the park.

Jebb liked looking at the baby animals and watching the pioneer kids take care of them. He told us all that pigs don't really sweat, but roll in the mud to stay cool. So smart. ;)

He wanted to do the pony ride (yes, we do have a horse) and we went along with it since it is his B-day.

We walked up to the fire house and learned how they put out fires before they had hoses-one bucket of water at a time. Jebb lined up with his cousins to pass the water and Elise showed Jebb some of the finer points of bucket throwing technique. Jebb looked even cuter than normal with this amazing view of the SL valley as our backdrop. Gorgeous!

Jebb finished up his day by making a sand painting at the Navajo village and riding the little train with his cousins.

Jebb had a great day and kept a smile on his 5 year old face all day long. We packed it in for home but Jebb's day wasn't over yet. We had a party for Jebb at the Hannay's house. Not only were G&G Ross there with all the Martin kids, even Aunt Deb and cousin Lauren were there too.

Jebb requested Mac & Cheese for dinner. Luckily, Aunt Kim made chicken and rice for the rest of us.

Jebb also requested a chocolate cake with 'rainbow' frosting. Our luck continued and the local grocery store had the perfect one! He had a few specific requests and got both the new hooded towel he wanted, as well as the Bakugans.

Jebb is a special child. I am so glad he is a part of our family. He is a fun loving and kind brother. He is daring and cheerful. Happy Birthday Jebber!

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Sue said...

How come I haven't realized until now that our youngest kids are the same age? Maybe it's because Sam is about have the size of Jebb (just like the rest of our kids that match up), or maybe it's because Sam's birthday isn't til November?
Looks like you're having a fantastic summer so far! Maybe I'll actually SEE you sometime during this fantastic summer. :)