Friday, June 25, 2010


There is a TV sitcom from the 80's that I was definitely not allowed to watch. It was called 'Cheers.' Although I didn't really watch the show, I must have watched whatever preceded it because I still remember the opening song. The chorus says, "Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name...and they're always glad you came..."

This weekend is a High School reunion in for me in Page, AZ. Yes, I did have a 20 year reunion just last year, but this reunion was for all those who graduated from 1980-1990. Brilliant! I was so excited because I have friends from classes other than mine. There is just something about people who knew you when you were young. I think it must have something to do with the fact that you are all going through your formative years together, but it seems like people who knew you back then still 'get' who you are.

I think that all people have a deep need to feel like people know them, and with that knowledge, are still OK with who you are. Maybe that's also why friends from your youth are a little different--they knew you before you had all of the titles in life that define who you are as a grown-up.

Just like last year, I was struck by the realization that I am really, really vain. I was worried about how I would look to everyone. But I am more even more lazy than I am vain, and I never did get around to that awesome work out routine and diet for myself. ;) I did get my hair and toes done though--I never got around to doing the eyelash extensions that served me so well last year.

The first activity was at the lake and that pretty much cured me of my vanity because how vain can I be in a ponytail and swimwear. Eek. So I just hung at Lone Rock and enjoyed the afternoon. Sure enough, it was AWESOME to see people from my younger years. It is strange how talking to some people can bring you back and make you feel like 20 years ago wasn't that long. It's also weird how even though you have all those grown-up titles, people are mostly the same as they were when you were all just in High School together.

John and the kids went boating around Lone Rock while Lisa (she got in last night and stayed with us) and I made the rounds. When John came back, a few other people joined us on the boat and we took a spin. In true Lone Rock fashion, a huge storm blew up pelting us with rain and sand. And then it passed and it was a beautiful day once again.

When we got off the lake, John, Lisa and I decided to do what ALL people from Page long to do...we ate at RD's. You have not lived until you have had an oreo shake from there. Oh man!

Not only did we get to enjoy the food, we got to hang out for a long time with some great people from the class of '87. I am SUPER bummed I was such a slacker in the photo department this trip! I think RD's is kind of like the bar in the TV show Cheers, especially for the non-bar-attending-Mormon crowd that gravitated there. We all just kind of hung out and sipped our shakes. We talked about life and about our families and some of the great things as well as some of the challenges we were facing. When you're in a reunion situation you usually do the surface kind of chatting (Where are you living? How many kids do you have now?). But what makes a reunion really great is when you have the chance to sit and really talk. It is that kind of talking that I love, and the kind that we all crave. It's the belly-up-to-the-bar-and-stay-a-while kind of stuff. We want to share the fact that our lives are challenging, or wonderful, or sad, or even crappy. And everyone is in a different situation with their own unique set of circumstances. I was inspired by the strength and goodness of the people that I got to talk with. It reminded me of a quote I should practice more often:

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~Plato

When we finally left RD's, our night was still not over. Our trio (Lisa, John, and I) headed to the Class of 90's reunion to see if we were in time to crash the party. They were just wrapping up and we got to say hello to some of our friends there.Tiffiny, Jason, me, and John. I think I am telling about how Jason ruined my self esteem--or at least my big 80's hairstyle--the first time I met him at the lake.

Everyone then headed to the Gunsmoke Saloon. Yee Haw! John was done for the night, so we changed up the trio. I hopped in with my girl Tiff and she gave Lisa and I a ride. I saw some more old friends but the whole bar scene is not my thing and unlike the bar in Cheers, there is a dance floor and it's loud enough that all you can pull off is the 'Now, where are you living?' kind of stuff. Tiff was feeling the same way, so she gave me a ride home. I loved having a little time to talk with her. I remember meeting her and thinking she was one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen in person. She's also flat-out nice. As her grown-up self, she has lived in Denver near my brother Skip and now lives in South Jordan by my sister Kim. I guess if I can't live by them, at least Tiff can. :)

I went in the house and kissed a snoring John goodnight. I was feeling pretty stinking grateful for him and the life we have together, even if it is challenging at times. He's the one guy that knows ALL about me and still is kind.

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