Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bridal Shower Gift Idea

I enjoy browsing around on craft and cutsy-idea blogs now and again. I am always in awe of the original ideas. I am good at copying. Original ideas, not so much. So today as I wrapped up a present for a bridal shower, I was feeling quite proud of my 'original' wrap job.

I started with a little food processor that was in the price range I wanted to spend. But that seemed kind of boring, so I went into our local Pier 1 store and found this little number. There were some cute floral aprons, but this one had silky lining and almost looked like lingerie (I'm so racy, I know!). I also grabbed a pack of black untensils (spoon, wisk, spatula) to incorporate somehow and I headed home.

The apron had been wrapped around some cardboard and kinda had creases in it. This is what got me thinking I could use it for wrapping (that and the fact that my wrapping drawer had a gift bag with a superhero emblazoned on it...not the feel I was going for). So I set the food processor box in the middle of the apron, wrapped it around the box, and used the apron strings to ties it on. There was just a spot at the neckline that didn't cover up the box, so I taped the card right there. The apron strings tied at the top of the box and I tied in the untensils on top. I was feeling pretty stinkin' clever by this time. I almost took a picture, but thought that while it was cute, it wasn't really bloggable.

Elise and I headed out the front door when I noticed several of my peony blooms had opened up. I gave a squeek of pure bliss, then had an idea. I cut 3 of the blossoms and tucked them into the top/untensil knot.

That was when I said, OK, that is cute, I am so taking a picture of that! So I got Elise to model for me.

Visions of 'original-cute-gift-wrapping-ideas-from-Michelle's-brain' blog posts danced in my head. I could do a weekly series or something. Ya, that would be so awesome, I thought. For a moment. Before coming to my senses and remembering that this was the first original/crafty/cute idea I had come up with in about 7 or 8 years. OK, maybe I can't really think of anything I came up with 7 or 8 years ago just now, but I am sure there had to be something. Moving on.

I also realized when I retrieved these photos, that I had not taken any step-by-step shots of the cuteness process. I am taking it as a sign that I should NOT start a weekly blog series. So I will just savor this moment and post one more shot, and I will continue being a great copier of cuteness should the need arise.

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