Saturday, June 19, 2010

35 Mile Hike

This weekend Gabe and Seth went on a hike to Emerald Lake. They hiked half way to the lake on Thursday night with Greg Mann and his son Kanyon. They camped overnight then continued on Friday morning until they reached the lake and met up with a few scouters from Bayfield. The Kennedys were there as well as Brother Jack who had packed up the food on his mules. Gabe and Seth found Brother Jack very entertaining as he is a true mountain man--this guy is so tough, he has actually been struck by lightning several times and lived (that is true!). They fished and explored around the lake and by all accounts it was a smashing success. The boys were very grateful Bro. Jack was there when it came time to leave, as his mules packed everything back out. They thought walking without backpacks was much easier than packing them in.

I am really glad we have great leaders that can take our boys on these type of trips. When they got home Saturday night, the boys could not stop talking about how much fun the trip was. They were grinning from ear to ear as they recounted how hard it was and how much they enjoyed every second.

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