Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend Recap incl'd Mother's Day Madness

With all of the chilly weather, and a Grandma that missed her kids, the BigG Tribe decided to head South for the weekend. We stayed in Kip's empty house (he moved his fam to Denver) where Kristine has been camping out for a few weeks. Luckily, the pool was NOT empty and the weather was just right for swimming.
For some reason John and I experienced a phenomenon we have encountered before. I have decided to name it the 'Titanic Effect.' When they found the sunken Titanic, it was deep down on the ocean floor where all of the well preserved artifacts were under an enormous amount of pressure. They found when they brought those artifacts to the surface, no longer under the pressure, many of the artifacts fell apart or showed their cracks.

So ya, 'The Titanic Effect.'

Sometimes after being under a great deal of stress back home, when we leave or get away from it, we fall apart and our cracks start to show. So while it was a nice sunny weekend, John and I were in a big, huge, fat fight. Over what? you may wonder. Nothing that should be big, huge, or fat. I am chalking it up to decompression.

We did manage to patch it up long enough to visit a friend of mine, Lisa, and her family. They were terrific hosts and BBQed a yummy dinner for us. She laughingly told us that her family had to re-do Mother's Day last year (I think it was foreshadowing of things to come). It was really nice seeing them and it was nice getting along for a few hours, because it did NOT last.

For some reason, when you add a Holiday to whatever dynamic is happening between John and I, it gets magnified 10 times-for good or ill. And we all know that Sunday was Mother's Day. I won't go into great detail, but let's just say that I was not wished a Happy Mother's Day by the Father of my children. Nor was there any conversation for the 7 hour drive home. (The kids did finally realize it was M Day when we went to church that morning and they all wished me well. Seth and Elise even bought me candy bars when we stopped for gas on the drive home...)

We did finally make it home, back to the deep sea pressures of our lives. It took a while, but we eventually re-compressed. I decided I would not move out of our bedroom and change back to my Maiden name. Opening the gifts the little guys made me really helped to tame this shrew.

When John and I were finally talking and laughing again, I told him he was going to have to do something REALLY good to make up for Mother's Day. Lunch at Tequilla's helped. Monday afternoon I took the kids on an FHE bike ride then left John to do the lesson as I went to a political thing. I must say, he did a pretty good job. He helped all of the big kids answer 3 questions. He had them tell what they would appreciate about me when they graduated High School, went on a mission, and got married. Ya. I cried when I read them.

I am grateful for Mother's Day because it is a day that celebrates the very best thing in life. I am so glad I am the Mom to these 5 terrific kids. I am grateful for good moms and good women everywhere that have a positive influence on our society. I need to have better perspective. I love my family so much. When I think of John and I fighting I just cringe. How short sighted of us! We know we are going to make up, but it's so foolish to have that negative energy in our family while we indulge in the selfishness of a big, fat fight. I truly believe what our family has is precious and special--and we need to CHOOSE it every day. I am glad I have a good man as a partner to raise these kiddos.

I am still holding out for breakfast in bed though.


Kelly said...

So I'm not the only one who has considered going back to my maiden name?? Glad to know I'm not the only one who indulges in selfishness now and then.

I love your kids answers to those questions!

Glad all is well in BigG land again. I'll send some breakfast in bed vibes...

meegz said...

THanks for keeping it real:)

For the past several years I've gotten a nice little yoplait yogurt in bed instead of breakfast in bed...Philip has always had early morning meetings, and I don't want to wake up that early anyway.

Well this year...I was served some YUMM-O eggs, pancakes, bacon and orange juice. DELISH!

We got to church and yeah, you know how it is to be that family that smells like their food...well that was us. Imagine how we felt when they reminded us it was fast sunday!:)

Yoplait could have saved some face that day.

Mimi said...

You know with these blogs, sometimes your readers gets to thinking all is perfect is everyone else's life and wonder where we went wrong:). Nice to know you guys are real human beings too!