Monday, May 3, 2010

We Win-Win

I am chalking today up as a really great day. No, it is still windy, but I feel like good fortune has blown into town and rested on my shoulder. Today we closed on this house. I have been hesitant to even whisper about it being under contract, as I am ridiculously superstitious about such things.

Selling this house has been a big blessing to us in more than one way. Our family has offered countless prayers that we would be able to sell this house and the lots in our development. Anyone that knows about the current real estate market kows that this is a tall order. We tried to price everything aggressively and pray hard. The house is the first thing to sell. It will be a big relief to us and we will not miss making the payment! :) We have prayed that the person meant to live in the house would find it quickly. So as you can imagine, we are thrilled!

But wait, it gets better. This house is in our 'neighborhood' (rural though it is). Not only did we sell the house, we sold it to a really cool family. A family that will be in our ward at church. A family with 3 boys. And a family that I really, really like!!

This is where I get my post title. I feel like we win twice. House sold. Cool new neighbors to borrow sugar from. We hope the new family will feel like they won too and we left them a little note on these 'Glad'iolus telling them we were Glad they were our new neighbors.

Last week I made some bath bombs to use in the pink tub. I used an essential oil that promotes 'cheerfulness.' Oh, the pink tub. I have to admit it has really grown on me. I hope it will grow on them too-or I hope they will be able to change it out soon if it doesn't.

John had to sweep out the garage so it would be nice and tidy before we left today. We left the mower in there after we washed it and charged up the battery. It is the mower that the previous home owner left behind for us. Gabe was bummed we gave them the riding mower as he doesn't like our push mower, but they are going to have a lot more to mow and it just seemed right to leave it with the house.

I know the Lord is aware of us. I know He is looking out for us in both big and small ways. I have seen this in my life everyday, but today just happens to be a BIG one! It makes me feel humbled and oh so grateful.


George and Eva Ross said...

Congratulations on the sale!

Lucy said...

Michelle, I feel a little bit more excited every time I walk into "my" house. It's a definite win-win for us. I loved finding all of my treasures. You are the best people and we are lucky to call you neighbor.