Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Train to Cascade

There were several County meetings I was planning to attend today where new fees for homes and businesses were being discussed. After the difficult night we had, I decided I would like to hang out with Elise today. Her class was going on our local Narrow Gauge Railroad. Although we did not ride all the way to Silverton, we did go up to Cascade.

When we got up to Cascade, we enjoyed lunch and throwing rocks into the river. Although it hadn't greened up yet at that higher elevation, it was still absolutely beautiful. We are so lucky to live in this corner of God's country. I am so lucky to have such a terrific daughter! Thanks for hanging out with me today Elise! I think it was much funner than sitting through county meetings! :)


Sue said...

LUCKY! I'm so glad you had nice weather. And went with older children.
I went with the first graders last Thursday when it was snowing on us. The outside car wasn't fun. The hanging out in Cascade bit was just frigid. And first graders don't really think SITTING on a train is very exciting. imagine that...
You are such a good mom!!

Kelly said...

Oh, that makes me Durango-sick. I love the train. I worked on it for a few summers and Jerry proposed to me in Cascade during the train lunch break. Awww!