Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring Flowers

About a million years ago I served as a missionary in Eastern Canada including the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island. I arrived in Canada in the fall. The leaves had all changed and quickly began to drop off the trees. And then came winter. Or I guess I should type WINTER. It was Canada. It was COLD! This Arizona girl struggled through the cold, white months praying that Spring would come some day. And as seasons always do, the weather eventually began to change. Green gave way to white and I felt a spring in my step directly proportional to the rise in the mercury.

I had wondered on numerous occasions throughout the winter WHY anyone would want to live in Canada!! I couldn't understand why anyone would stay in such a chilly place.

And then Spring came.

I was transferred about this same time of year to Prince Edward Island-the land of Anne of Green Gables fame. All of my questioning was answered. Why did people choose to live in this section of the world? They lived here for Spring, Summer and Fall. PEI, a place where the ocean can freeze solid around it, turned into a virtual paradise. There was every shade and hue of vivid green popping out of the red, fertile soil. Vacant areas became huge swaths of wildflowers in every color imaginable. It truly was like living and driving around in a gigantic flower garden. Unreal!

One of my favorite flowers grew along most every road in the ditches. Pink and purple lupines blossomed up and down the island. They were like a thick trail of beauty along each side of every road. It was phenomenal! The lupines only lasted a few weeks and were soon replaces by a myriad of color and variety in wildflower mayhem. But I will never forget the drama and the impact of their brief blooming season. It was (to me) almost magical!

This winter I started to feel like I had somehow been transported north to the Canada from my memories.

We had snow.

And more snow.

And it stayed.

And stayed.

But I have held out hope.

The snow has finally melted, and living in Canada taught me that all of that snow translates into blossoms in the spring. so here is it, right on the side of my driveway--LUPINS!! Not quite in the same quantity and my beloved PEI, but lupins none the less! :)

Of course lupins aren't the only thing blooming around here. If I take pictures of the blossoms up close, it always seems more colorful. So here is what's blooming:

So although it isn't the floral showcase you get in Canada, it is a sign of warmer things to come!