Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jackon's First Grade Program

Tonight was Jackson's first grade program. He was very excited to go and was actually eager to shower and put on nice clothes before the performance. He was supposed to bring a teddy bear for the play, but in the excitement of the getting there on time, ("Mom, we need to be there at a quarter to 6. That's 5:45 Mom. I need to be there at 5:45") he left the bear at home. He was very disappointed when we arrived at the school and realized he had forgotten it, but after we discussed it, he swallowed hard and tried know that it would be OK. I was really glad to see this from Jackson. He has been working on this very thing. Luckily, I caught up with his teacher and she had a bear in her classroom she loaned to him for his performance. When that 6:00 show time came, Jacks was ready to roll. Jebb and I found some good seats.

While we were getting Jackson to his show, John and Elise took some food to Gabe and Seth who were at a track meet. Hank met up with them and he took Gabe, Seth and Elise to the church from the school (Elise had Achievement Days). John then met us at the school and slid into his seat right as it all began. (I still can't believe how many different directions our family was going tonight...)

Of course Jackson's program was adorable. It was all about "Threes." Three bears, three blind mice, three billy goats gruff, etc. One of the bears was missing and the program went from there. Jackson was an enthusiastic chorus member.

I caught most of the play before I had to leave for my Tea Party meeting which luckily was right next door to the school. I am glad Jackson had a good experience with his program and was so enthusiastic about it. I am glad our kids get to participate in programs like School Plays, Scouts, and Achievement Days. I am glad I can be involved with Tea Parties. I am glad my husband has enough work to keep him busy every day. But I have to admit, I won't be sad if all of these good things DON'T happen simultaneously again for a while.

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George and Eva Ross said...

Awesome! Go Jackson! I wish we could have been there.