Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daisy v. the Porcupine Chapter III

I cannot believe there is another chapter to this story. Daisy has had ANOTHER encounter with a porcupine. I am reminded of the song that goes, "Second verse, same as the first..."

I did not even take a picture of her quill filled, foaming mouth. I realized that I have that same picture taken on two previous occasions. And it aint pretty!

I thought that I should consider letting Daisy wait. Yep, it was going to have to be another visit to the vet (another $300+ visit) and I considered waiting until tomorrow to take her in. I knew she would suffer and I am wondering at this point if that is not such a bad thing. Maybe she would suffer enough to swear off her prickly foes forever...? Somehow I doubt it, and I wanted to get the vet visit over with for my own sake.

I thought about Daisy as I drove the 15 minutes to the vet. Why did she keep going back? Couldn't she figure out that she was getting the raw end of the deal every time she chose to rumble with the porcupine?

I tried to look on the bright side. What could I learn from my crazy dog? I asked myself if there were any porcupines in my own life? Do I revisit things I shouldn't? Have I forgiven things that have hurt me badly in the past or do I keep chasing them down to take another bite?

So those were my thoughts for the afternoon. I had a long talk with Daisy about all of it as we drove home. I am really hoping some of it sunk in because I am not sure if John will agree to another vet visit. If I can't change Daisy, maybe I will have to learn to hunt porcupines.


Keryn said...

Oh, dear. You would think she would learn, wouldn't you? That by acting this way she is hurting only herself. But maybe she just can't help herself...

Or maybe that's just me and ice cream at ten o'clock at night.

Brooke said...

I know I shouldn't laugh... I REALLY know I shouldn't laugh! You are just tooo funny, though! I love the twist you put on that. Wonderful insight! Poor Daisy!