Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Orchestra Concert

Last Thursday was the annual end-of-year orchestra concert. Both Gabe (cello) and Seth (violin) participated. Like the dutiful mom I aspire to be, I got there early enough to get a seat right up front. While I had a good view of Gabe (over there on the right--his hair is getting pretty long again...) I was saddened to realize that my up-front seat gave me a very flat angle to view the orchestra in it's entirety. Since Seth is a lowly 6th grader, he was in the back rows. Try as I might, I was unable to catch nary a glimpse of him.

Seth assures me he was indeed there and did indeed play. A few of our late coming friends who sat further back in the graduated seating also claimed to have seen him. It was a good concert and I loved seeing the orchestra play.

The very next morning, the 7th and 8th grade orchestra, band, and choir (including Gabe) all boarded a bus for Denver. They went to Elitch Gardens for a competition. I was a little nervous to send Gabe on the trip. Long bus ride, far from home, hotel stays, amusement parks, girls. Although I pride myself on being strict and overprotective, I thought it would be a good way for him to stretch his wings. When I asked him about another student not attending, he told me that their parents wouldn't let them go. I have to admit, I was taken aback by this comment wondering if I was getting to liberal in my parenting.

So I enjoyed the fact that he called occasionally with updates on the trip. The first call was from somewhere in the middle of Colorado. He told me he was really bored. When I asked why, he explained that all of the girls were on the other bus. Oh boy. Maybe I do need to just lock him in the basement until his mission. ;) Actually, it sounds like he had a really great trip, and I am really glad we let him go. He did get in trouble on the bus one evening when he was hanging out the window waving to the girls bus, and he did get a talking to at the amusement park for messing with the door on his ferris wheel compartment. Other than that, he seemed to have a lot of good clean fun (he said there were so many kids in the hotel pool, it overflowed).

I took 3 day trips with my ELP classes starting in 5th grade. We went on an archaeological trip all around Northern Arizona. In 6th grade we took a trip out to San Diego for an oceanography unit. I remember both of these trips fondly. There were new sights and sounds (I remember smelling coffee for the first time as we ate in a diner). I felt old and independant (even though Mrs. Brackny never let us out of her sight). I liked looking at the boys sitting at the other end of the bus (having the nerve to talk to them was elusive). It helped to open up my world a little bit. I think it was good.

I'm glad Gabe and I both had a positive experience because next year I send Gabe AND Seth on the same trip. I have to admit I am grateful that there are enough students that go to have separate boy and girl busses. I also have to admit that I was glad to see the Bishop from the other ward picking up his daughter after the trip. I guess I can still consider myself pretty strict after all.


George and Eva Ross said...

I would loved to have been at the concert!

ShelleyG said...

They actually won first place at the competition which I found, uh, somewhat surprising. Not that they aren't good, but they definately are a middle school orchestra! ;)